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Argumentative papers as it appears from the term are based on description of a subject or controversial issue through arguments. You need to be really good in presenting arguments for this type of academic paper. It is important to understand the topic completely. Here are some steps to write a successful argumentative paper.

  • Choose a debatable topic:

Choosing a topic which has the strength to be argumentative in nature is the key to write a quality argumentative paper. Always select a very controversial topic which can be defined in many ways with many statements for its justification. This will add in the variety of discussion in the paper.

  • Research smartly:

Once you have decided the topic you are ready to research extensively. You should clarify all your shortcomings regarding the topic. The nature, reason, facts and figures of the topic must be researched well. The historical background to the topic will work smart for the presentation of your paper.

  • First person:

The biggest mistake students do while writing argumentative papers is that they use first person. Instead of using the first person “I”, use statements which directly states the topic.

  • Formulate the paper:

Once you have research well, make sure that you are going to formulate the paper for better presentation of your ideas. In this way the paper will become readable. Divide the information in paragraphs stating specific viewpoints. Give a controversial starting to your paper by giving an effective thesis. Introduce the topic and then state the arguments in three paragraphs.

  • Add history:

Make sure that the information you have found regarding the topic also use history to the subject. This will help you in presenting your arguments in details and with a complete background to the problem.

  • Conclusion:

Conclusion is the last part of the argumentative paper. You can restate your thesis statement in this paragraph. This should be strong and effective for leaving an impression on the readers.

Argumentative papers are fun to write because it requires self-questioning which enables you to write effectively. By following the above steps you can easily write argumentative papers.

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