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In the world of academia of writing term papers, essays and research papers, plagiarism is considered as stealing someone else’s intellectual property and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism can be intentional, where someone can plagiarize deliberately by simply using another person’s ideas and even the exact material by copy pasting it from the internet or other sources. Plagiarism can be unintentional as well where a student does not intend to plagiarize due to lack of awareness about the proper use of in-text citations and appropriate specified writing formats. Plagiarism can easily be avoided by students if appropriate approach is taken to write term papers to avoid the risk of being expelled from the college or University. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some helpful tips to avoid plagiarism and write your term papers with more confidence. Below are some important tips for you to follow to avoid plagiarism.

Use Citations

How would you react in a situation where you find out that the term paper you have written putting massive efforts is copied by someone else without giving any due credit to you? It is not just about writing term papers you can consider any such event where your hard work is not given appropriate treatment. Off course, you would like to penalize the person who has stolen your work. Similarly, when writing your papers you must make dead sure that each and every bit of information or idea of someone else you intend to incorporate in your paper you give due credit to that person by citing his name and date when it was published.



Use Software

Technology has made life much easier for every human being. Therefore, in the world of research and term papers you can use software or a website offering plagiarism detection services to detect traces of unintentional plagiarism and avoid the dangers of being in serious trouble in your college or University.

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