Every research paper must adhere to the specified instructions of the professor in terms of well organized structure on writing style manual. One of the most common writing style formats being used most often when writing research papers is the APA format. APA stands for American Psychological Association. The main purpose is to make a research paper look more professional and formal. A well written research paper in APA format can guide the readers about the resources being used for research and they can use them for their personal benefits to locate more useful information on various sources. The APA format is one of the most popular writing formats and is often used especially when writing papers on psychology and social issues. Although, other academic fields too can be written using this format but in most of the cases the APA is used in social science subjects. This article provides some useful information on the benefits of using the APA writing format. Below are some interesting points for you to consider.

Spacing Rules

The APA uses proper spacing and formatting methods for writing a paper. Once you have completed your paper you can indent it and use the specified font size and font style. Furthermore, it makes the paper look more professional and presentable.

The Element of Plagiarism

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