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Many of us are aware of the fact that the media is biased in the content it shows to the viewers. People may not be willing to accept this in public; nonetheless many of us are aware of this. When writing a story for the media, reporters tend to lean toward one side of the story which becomes quite obvious when read. This may not be how every reporter reports but it is the general norm. It really does not matter what the media is talking about. Whether it is politics, the fashion industry or the film industry; every piece of information is affected by the bias of the reporter.

Reporters do try their best not to let their opinion and subjectivity come in the way of their writing; after all, the best piece of information is that which is written without bias and which is purely objective. Some experienced reporters are better at doing their job without letting their feelings come in the way. Others who may not be as experienced are sometimes not careful and let their judgment affect their piece of writing.

The media is certainly a very influential part of our lives. People should be more careful as to not let biases enter the media as this then tends to direct people to think in a certain direction. People should be able to form their own opinion as far as the happenings of the media are concerned. No one likes having their thoughts and opinions directed toward..

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