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This essay analyzes two major cities of Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow. According to a study on Edinburgh’s festivals which are the most important aspect of cultural rejuvenation.

The two major cities of Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow are analyzed for their urban cultural appeal and how their revival has impacted the cities. According to a study on Edinburgh’s festivals which are the most important aspect of cultural rejuvenation,  festivals is Edinburgh generate a spending of  136 million, and led to almost  2,777 full-time new jobs in Edinburgh and Lothian (2003) over 400,000 overnight visitors were there in 2002. The attendees increased to 2.2 million people in 2003. The Edinburgh International Festival’s Annual Review (2004) shows that ticket revenues were 2.628 million, an increase of 12% from 2002—this was a record. 57% of the visitors were on an independent holiday; and for 85% of visitors, the Festival was the only or one of the most important reasons for Edinburgh. This shows that Edinburgh International Festival is one of the most notable international cultural experience and appeals to visitors and is a source of income to the city of Edinburgh and its adjacent areas.

Glasgow is in general recognized as the picture of the makeover of the British industrial city from one afflicted with the problems linked urban deterioration to one that has materialized as a exciting post-industrial city with an market based on services sector, tourist resort, culture and the arts. (Mrurphy and Boyle, 2006)

The development of a creative centre of cultural production that includes the community is noteworthy since it makes the city an appealing location to be in and visit a thesis that is also reiterated by Bianchini (1993). This also supports the fact that cultural policy is not only essential for generating visitor spending but that it also has the power to meet other social and economic aims together with tourism objectives such as internal investment and encouragement of  civic pride (Ellis, 2003).

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