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Sample Essay – family health nursing

It is only the last decades that nurses have begun to include families and their need as part of nursing care. The practice of family nursing is a very holistic one and contains a goal which creates a partnership between nurses and families and creates a feeling of trust, cooperation and communication.

This then enables the needs of the family as far as health are concerned to be met appropriately (LeGRow, Rossen). A family is considered to be a system where each member of the family responds according to the role which they may have in the family and if a change occurs to this response, a change occurs in the equilibrium of the family.

The reason behind writing this paper is to help demonstrate how the application of the family nursing theory will help. This is going to be demonstrated with the help of a case study.

The Perez family is one in which the environmental and cultural factors affect the family’s health. This is what we will be discussing in the paper below. Making use of the…

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