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This is an essay on Cistercian Teachings. Cistercian Lay Contemplatives CLC is an associate program formed in the late 1980s to bring together like minded individuals in the community.

Cistercian Lay Contemplatives CLC is an associate program formed in the late 1980s to bring together like minded individuals in the community, who were interested to bring Cistercian spirituality into their lives. They have a sort of a guideline that is very similar to the monastic Cistercian lifestyle, however it is keeping in mind the modern lifestyle.

CLC has underlined four important elements, which according to them if followed will lead to a more fulfilling life.

The first element is that of prayer, which according to the Cistercian teaching is an essential part of a good followers life, they believe that prayer is necessary in finding ones identity and true self. There are several different types of prayers pointed out, the Eucharistic Liturgy. This is the weekly reading of the scriptures. This is followed by Liturgy of the Hours, which is the evening and morning prayers, comprising of psalms, scripture reading, and thanksgiving. Lectio Divina is the reading and reflection of the scriptures and using one’s intellect. Contemplative prayer is one half hour of meditation and prayer.

The second element is Study. A substantial amount of time has to be spent studying scriptures and spiritual reading. This is a sort of support to the Prayer. It has scriptures reading, spiritual reading, and supplemental reading using other means to enhance and develop one’s spirituality.

Work is also an important aspect of the Cistercian lifestyle and the idea is to do work mostly manual labor with dedication, praise, and thanksgiving.

The fourth element is Modification of Lifestyle. It is pointed out again that the people who adopt this style of living are not living in isolation, but they have relationships and commitments with other people and the idea is to adopt the teachings and still have a modern day lifestyle. This can be done by integrating silence solitude, simplicity, stability, and service into their lives.

In addition a supplement of additional recommendations are also pointed out, the first one is annual retreat. Then one should have a mentor or guide and the last one is Spiritual Companionship.

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