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Cloning is a phenomenon which has existed for many years but it is only recently that the process of cloning humans seems possible. It has become realistic and an actual possibility in the modern world compared to 20 years ago. Cloning is a process in which identical organisms or cells are produced. The catch is that these cells all come from one individual (Grolier). No one knows exactly when and how cloning became a possibility but people are aware that there are 2 ways of cloning humans.

The first method by which cloning can take place is by dividing the embryo in many halves and using those embryo pieces, making new human beings. The second way involves taking the cells of an existing individual and cloning those cells. This would then create another human being exactly identical to the one whose cells were taken.

Having these procedures ready at hand arises two important questions: should cloning actually be carried out and can we actually do this process? There are certainly many ethical as well as technological problems associated with cloning and the issues are such which are difficult to avoid.

Despite the problems, cloning is a procedure which we should accept as a part of our reality and something which could be used in the future. Most people imagine cloning humans to be something which occurs only in science fiction movies and books. No one has ever though the concept could be used in reality. The people in society have been brainwashed into thinking of cloning as being something relating to fiction as portrayed in books, movies, TV shows and even cartoons (McKinnell)….

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