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Cohabitation has increased by a large amount and many studies have also been conducted in order to study the effect which pre-marital cohabitation has on the concept of traditional marriage. These studies have been analyzing this phenomenon since the 1960’s up to the present day.

The main issues which are considered are those of satisfaction from the marriage, stability within a marriage, communication which occurs between a husband and wife and the occurrence of divorce which exist within every group. In comparison to the general perceptions which people have, couples who cohabit prior to their marriage have indicated to be less satisfied and less stable after they are married. The results of studies also show that the communication which takes place is poorer and the numbers of divorce incidents which occur are higher as well. In order to explain these results, certain factors are considered in detail below.

Many Americans have a dream of finding the right person and getting married to them. Statistics have shown that 95 percent of people will marry at some point (Cherlin). Marriage is however seen to be more of a short term commitment or an economic arrangement in today’s society and it is also seen to be…

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