The ending of a term paper is as crucial as the beginning. A term paper always ends with a conclusion which is one of the major components of a term paper. A strong and effective conclusion is the key to create an everlasting impression on the readers. It is also the last chance for you to prove a point in a term paper. A conclusion of a term paper must be direct and precise. It must not consist of irrelevant details and points that are not included in the term paper. This article is a guide on how to write a conclusion of a term paper. Read further below to learn to write a term paper conclusion.


You can begin with summarizing the key points of the term paper precisely. Do not analyze the main points in detail. A brief summary of the most important points is sufficient. Restate the thesis statement and do not confuse the main points with the thesis statement. The purpose of restating the thesis statement is to remind the readers about the main theme of the term paper.

Do not Write New Ideas

Avoid writing completely new ideas. Just limit the conclusion to what you have already discussed in the main body very briefly.

Usage of Words and Phrases

Use words such as ‘in conclusion, ‘first’, ‘second’ and ‘finally’ to keep the reader engaged and lead him to read the entire conclusion.

You can provide solutions or suggestions depending on the type of term paper you are writing.

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