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The element of procrastination is always there when it comes to write essays. Essay writing is indeed something that most of the students push for the last day. But procrastination never helps and it only aggravates the problem at hand. It results in panic when the deadline is near which further causes havoc when you eventually decide to write the essay.

You try to rush things and that makes your essay a complete mess further creating bigger problems in terms of poor grade and even rejection. Considering these things you further slip into deep gloom and despair thinking that writing essays is indeed not your cup of cake. The purpose of this article is to exactly provide you some useful ways as to how to complete your essays well on time and avoid panic situations resulting in further horrendous problems. Consider some useful tips below.

Set Timeframe

Decide when you want to start with the entire process of writing the essay. You may have plenty of time to complete it but consider the amount of work you need to do. If you have a complicated topic than you must start straightaway as things will not be any easy when it comes to conducting research. If you have a fairly easy topic than you can take things a bit lightly but you need to set time as to when to start in order to complete the task at hand. Once you decide try to stick to the routine religiously. Set reminders in your cell phone as to remind you about your daily essay writing routine.

Divide the Task and be Consistent

Divide the whole essay into small achievable steps. Accomplish those short goals daily in order to complete the task on time. Try to be as consistent as you can be. That way you will have lesser stress.

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