Writing an essay includes doing a fair amount of research so that you have enough information on your hand when you start to write. If you are writing an opinion based essay, through research you can find facts and evidence that can support your opinions.

Therefore conducting a research is one of the major factors of writing down an essay.

Usually students feel confused while doing research because there is so much material (especially on the internet) that they get confused as to what to take and what to leave.

Like it is important to do research before writing an essay, it is equally important to do the right kind of research otherwise you might just end up with a lot of useless information.

This article gives some tips as to how exactly you should go about conducting a research to write an essay.

Make questions

Look at the topic that you have to write the essay on, ask yourself what kind of questions you would like to be answered in your essay. Make a list of those questions and do your research based on them. If you don’t have a set of questions ready before hand you would not know what type of information you want and will end up with a lot of information that is of no use to you. Also, having a set of questions will save your time.

Type the topic

When starting off with your research type the topic of your essay or any related key words on the search engine and see what the results show

Have variety

Don’t just take all of your information from the first link you see on the search engine result. Open 4-5 links go through all of them and take out all the necessary information.

Visit websites

Go to 5-10 different websites that are related to the topic you are writing the essay on. Take out information from them.

Other mediums

The internet is not the only option when you want to research for the essay, you can look up for information from other mediums too such as books. You can also take information from the concerned people e.g. interview someone who you think has knowledge about your topic.

Reliable sources

One of the most important thing to keep in mind while doing research and collecting information is that all your information comes from reliable sources and are just not words of any amateur. If your teacher finds out through your essay that some of the points that you have made are not valid you might end up getting a poor grade.

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