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Junzi for Confucius was the perfect human being an ideal in his world—a highly stratified society. According to him being a perfect and morally upright human being made one superior. Literally the word Junzi means son of lord, therefore, with a noble background and virtuous life, however to Confucius every man had an opportunity to become a Junzi through leading a life of virtue and righteousness.

In his philosophy education was a necessity and a way to make the society more egalitarian. According to him education was one way through which an ideal state could be reached; Junzi is the core of his philosophy on education. Being a teacher, he was the embodiment of Junzi, as he was an ideal man with visible decency and inner strength. He made it clear that Junzi could be cultivated and achieved by scrupulous self-disciplinary procedure and also the reflexivity. At the same time he did not bar anyone from this quality rather he believed that each person had equal chance to reach this state. His conduct and deeds epitomize what he considered to be an ideal state. According to him:

“How would I dare to consider myself a sage (sheng) or an authoritative person (ren)? What can be said about me is simply that I continue my studies without respite and instruct others without growing weary.” Confucius 7.34

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