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This term paper some discussion on contraceptive pills used by women. A large number of women around the world have used Emergency Contraceptive Pills securely and successfully.

A large number of women around the world have used Emergency Contraceptive Pills securely and successfully (Glasier, 1062). Emergency Contraceptive Pills are less efficient than the most popular precoital methods of birth control, and in common practice, women only turn to Emergency Contraceptive Pills in emergencies, as a support to their usual birth control method. Emergency contraceptives have been accepted for use as a regular post-coital method in over 20 countries – including England, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the United States. Research is ongoing by the World Health Organization, the Population Council. In 1997-FEB, it was confirmed to be not dangerous and helpful by the US Food and Drug Administration. The pills are sold specifically packaged for emergency use in some countries.

Almost every woman who needs urgent contraception can safely use Emergency Contraceptive Pills; even women with adverse reaction to the current use of oral contraceptives may use them (Guillebaud, 417). EC Emergency Contraceptive Pills should not be used by women who are by now expecting, not because the pills are considered to be injurious, but because they are useless at ending pregnancies (Van Look & Stewart, 279). There will always be a want for such post-coital medication to prevent pregnancy — at any rate for women who desire to control their fertility. Condoms can rip; women at times not remember to take their birth control pills; diaphragms can sometimes slip.

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