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This term paper discusses current healthcare delivery process.

The latest tort crisis is differentiate by both the decreasingavailability of insurance coverage, as insurers again leavethe market in reaction to deteriorating loss ratios, and thedecreasing affordability of policies presented by the remaininginsurers. Three factors that have almost positively played a role are dramaticincreases in payouts to plaintiffs since 1999,

  • Moderate boostin the frequency of claims in some states,(General Accounting Office, 2003)
  • The downturnin the economy, which be inclined to be reflected in lower stock valuesand bond interest rates, affecting insurers’ investment returns.(General Accounting Office, 2003)
  • Imprudent business decisionsby insurers during the 1990s for instance, broadeningtheir subscriber base too rapidly and pricing their premiumstoo low have contributed to their current difficulties.(General Accounting Office, 2003)

The causes of increases in the frequency of claims and the sizeof payouts are uncertain, but plausible arguments can be madefor at least five factors:

  • Greater public consciousness of medicalerrors;
  • Lower levels of confidence and trust in the health caresystem amid patients as a result of negative experiences withmanaged care;
  • · Advances in medical innovation, mainly diagnostictechnology, and increases in the intensity of medical services;
  • Rising public expectations about medical care;
  • A greater reluctance among plaintiffs’ attorneys to accept offersthat in the past would have closed cases.

As in past crises, the medical communities state that it mustadopt defensive practices to avoid lawsuits, such as orderingunnecessary tests and procedures and rotating away high-riskcases. A related claim is that rising insurance costs areendangered patient care by forcing physicians in high-riskspecialties to leave their practices or move to more friendlyjurisdictions and by forcing hospitals to close high-risk servicessuch as obstetrics and emergency departments. Plaintiffs’attorneys dispute the claims of appeasement access and denythat defensive medicine imperils patient care. Thus, the malpracticedebate at state and national levels continues endlessly.

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