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This is a term paper on Seven Deadly Sins.

While most of the characters from Chaucer’s story did not pay for their sins, Faustus was just about to find out the price for carrying on in black magic in Marlowe’s tale. After he started to engage in black magic, Mephistophilis who was a devil visited him. Faustus then learned that it was not his incantation that produced Mephistophilis, but the curses he mounded on the holy trinity. Faustus asked Mephistophilis to go back to the powerful Lucifer and get together with him again in his study at midnight to enact the pact.  After the deal sealed, Mephistophilis took Faustus to Rome. In the Pope’s private chamber, both of them played practical jokes on the Pope. At the court of Emperor Charles V, Faustus punished a cynical courtier by putting horns on his head. He then produced the phantom of Alexander the Great and his paramour and that of Darius, King of Persia. At the court of the Duke of Vanholt, Faustus, with the help of Mephistophilis, produced grapes in January. By engaging in black magic and sealing the deal with the devil, Faustus committed gluttony of seven deadly sins. When he started with black magic, the seven deadly sins came to light to the audience.  Gluttony was the first sin that was committed when he wanted more knowledge by using black magic after he had a study filled with books, as it is apparent from the following quote:

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