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The execution of John Evans which occurred in the state of Alabama, an eye witness describes the situation moments before the sentence was carried out.

Mr. Evan’s body was given electrical shocks measuring up to 1900 volts. These electric shocks were given for a total of 30 seconds, during which flames and sparks started to erupt from the electrodes which were tied on his leg. His body started to slam against the straps he was tied in and his fists were clenched throughout the process. A hood covered his face and from under it, gray smoke was seen coming out. The witness room started to develop a smell which was of flesh and clothing being burnt. After this procedure, doctors were called in to see whether or not Mr. Evan’s was dead. After examining him, they gave the declaration that he was still alive. After14 minutes of being administered electrical shocks, Mr. Evan’s was finally pronounced dead (Radelet).

In order to punish people for having committed criminal acts, punishments such as these have been administered for the longest time. Punishments constituted of executions such as this amongst the many other which were made use of. In 1972, the United States had revoked the law which sentenced a criminal to the death penalty however this law was brought back into use in 1976. It had been revoked on the basis that it violated the ban on cruel…

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