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Sample Essay – Abortion Essay

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There are many topics which people in society debate. One of these topics is abortion. The debate on abortion is divided into two; ‘Pro-Life’ and the other, ‘Pro-Choice’.

Those people who are against abortion and want it to be made illegal in the country are supporters of the Pro-Life. Those people who believe that it should be the choice of the mother whether she wants to have the baby or not and no one else should influence her decision are supporters of Pro-Choice. There is no way to tell which is better as both these arguments are based upon what people think as morally right or wrong and it is based on their values to a great extent.

Abortion is the process by which an unwanted pregnancy is brought to an end by killing the embryo/fetus/egg which is inside the womb of the mother. This procedure kills the baby before it is actually born. The fetus is killed before it can assume full life outside the uterus of the mother.

There are many reasons due to which women terminate their pregnancy. Each reason varies according to the society in which they live. Many women have tried to induce abortion by themselves however this poses a great threat to many women. In modern society today, with the help of a practitioner and within the early weeks of pregnancy, abortion is still considered safer than it was before (Americana).

Abortion is something which has existed in society for a long time. People in the past too had various views and opinions concerning this issue. Plato and Aristotle, the Greek philosophers believed that abortion was a way by which the population growth could be controlled. In Roman law, abortion was seen as a way in which the husband carried out rule on the woman. He could either force her to get an abortion or he could divorce her if she went ahead and ended the pregnancy without his permission (Americana)


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