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Making decisions regarding one’s health are always difficult to make. Taking a decision about an unwanted pregnancy is hard to take as well. Most women face the pressure of having to take a decision of an unwanted pregnancy as being the first time for them to have to deal with such a major health related issue. Not only does an unwanted pregnancy affect a woman’s health, it also affects her life. There are three basic options which a woman is provided with when she has to face an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. These options consist of either letting the pregnancy continue after which she raises the child, continuing the pregnancy but giving the child up for adoption once he/she is born and the third option consists of having an abortion.

The decision of women to have an abortion or not is very much influenced by the society in which they live, their family and friends and the values and norms which govern their lives. When women do not get the support and care they need when pregnant, they resort to abortion and consider it to be the only possible option (Ekstrand, M.,Tyden, T., Darj, E., &ump; Larsson, M. (2009).

The social norms in the northern part of America allow women to speak to their close relatives and family about their unplanned pregnancy before actually…

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