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The minimum time to fill a rush order (given the constraints as described in the scenario that we are given) is 26 minutes. Between one and three pizzas can be prepared during this same time. One key way in which this time could be reduced (without more staff or increased capital investment) would be for Jean or Jacqueline to charge the customer’s credit card and staple the receipt to the box while the pizza is cooking.

Six pizzas can be prepared at the take-out facility in one hour (given a steady state set of conditions) if we assume that there are enough pizza pans so that there is no delay in waiting for pans to cool. The number remains at six even if the cooling time is increased because the limiting factor is the baking time. Additional cooling time does not substantially affect the number that can be produced. (With a cooling time of three minutes, six pizzas can be made in 56 minutes; with a cooling time of five minutes six pizzas would take 58 minutes).

  1. Jean should promise the customer that the new order for two pizzas will be ready in 47 minutes.

With one person performing all the tasks (and assuming that this person works at the same rate and does not work more slowly because he (in this case) is tired, that one person can make four pizzas in an hour (actually in 48 minutes). In an hour and twelve minutes, Jean could make six pizzas.

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