Plagiarism is a serious academic problem that is becoming a major concern for institutes everywhere. In this era with modern technology such as the internet it is sometimes very difficult to detect plagiarism since the internet is so massive with billions of websites consisting of information on everything. But every malady has a cure and the only difference is the implementation to sort out problems related to plagiarism. Professors and teachers can detect plagiarism in assignments and term papers if they devise a proper strategy to punish students who prefer plagiarism than the hard work. This article provides some useful guidelines to detect plagiarism in term papers. Read below to learn more.

Assign more Work to Students

Every student has a different writing approach and pattern. Therefore, you can give assignments to students very regularly to study the original writing patterns of the students. Another important aspect is that most of the students are not born writers and are likely to commit mistakes related to grammar and structure especially when they are in the initial semesters.

Read the Assignments

Read the assignments and find out something out of the ordinary in the papers. If these term papers seem very professionally written with no errors than it is a definite sign that they have been either custom written by one of the online writing companies or the student has turned in a copy pasted paper.

Try Google

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