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Emily Dickinson:        Good day Mr. Douglass, have we met?

Fredrick Douglass:      Good day to you too Mam, thank you for agreeing to see me, it is a great honor to meet such a popular poetess, and it gives me great pleasure that you have given me the opportunity to see you in person, knowing you do not entertain many let alone a stranger.

Emily Dickinson:        Since you do not live in the vicinity, I decided to see, you, I admit more out of curiosity than anything else. I had almost forgotten what a colored man looked like.

Fredrick Douglass:      I understand what you mean, I have read some of your work and it is nothing like what I have read before, in fact please allow me to say that your expositions on the eternal feelings and nature are very illuminating. Especially your writings on the mundane things in life, like the rock and the bee, is very fascinating, and not only that the intensity and the depth of emotions like grief joy and love in the poems cannot be compared.

Emily Dickinson:        (Surprised) Why Mr. Douglass, you know quite a lot………. I did not know my poetry was so popular, indeed, I did not know people liked what I wrote.

Fredrick Douglass:      Well, thank you Mam.

Emily Dickinson:        I do not intend to be rude, but I am curious, tell me Mr. Douglass…..


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