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The Holy Scriptures and the Talmud are very important part of Judaic studies, though it can be said that there is a significant difference between the two works. And this essay explores the focus of both the works keeping in mind the significance of each in the Judaic tradition.

The customary collection of what we call the ‘Holy Scriptures’ of the Old Testament from its initial stages in Judaism has been called by many names. The first reference is perhaps the Hebrew word for ‘books’ and is indicated in Daniel 9:2. an additional name used was the Hebrew word for ‘that which is read’, which shows how these books were used in the synagogue. ‘Scripture’, employed often in the New Testament, suggests a New Hebrew word which means ‘that which is written’.

The Holy Scriptures are at the spirit of the practice and the touchstone of the faith. Whereas the Bible is the written evidence of God’s word, The Holy Scriptures are the distinctive and comprehensive revelation of God.

The Scriptures were verbally and orally inspired: explicitly, all of it and each word of it. The Holy Spirit revealed upon the human beings the actual views and words God wanted written. This spring through the human means relating their feelings, nature and personalities. In writing Scripture God did not employ men as apparatus; He by no means debased their character, but rather made them ready for such a exalted task.

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