As a student you are required to do a lot of writing assignments. Many of those assignments you do are probably one or the same thing with just a few changes here and there. However a thesis paper and a research paper are quite different in format from one another.

Read this article through to the end and find out what differentiates a research paper from a thesis paper.


One of the major differences between a thesis paper and a research paper is the level of education. You may be required to write a research paper in your college or even school life, because writing a research paper only requires you to do a thorough research on your topic and write about it, which you are quite capable of doing in your school or collage life. However a thesis paper is much more complex. Usually students of PHD and other advanced degrees are required to write a thesis paper.


The time duration that you need to write a research paper as compared to a thesis paper is immensely different. You can write a research paper in two to three days but writing a thesis paper can take you as long as a year or even more.

Types of topics

Another difference between a research paper and a thesis paper is the type of topics. While a research paper can be on a variety of topics or sub topics, a thesis paper is based on just a single topic.

In a research paper once you have conducted the research and written on it all you have to do is to submit your work to the teacher and your done. Whereas in a thesis paper you are not only required to write it but also to present it in front of a jury, answer there questions and defend your work.

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