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Sample Essay – Iraq War

Words 836

Derek writes that Iraqis that he speaks to, including the translators working for and on the payroll of the American military, are suspicious of America’s long-term goals.  Derek has seen for himself the violence the people of Iraq are capable of and the hatred that exists between different elements of the populations – such as between the different sects of Islam.

Derek is deeply concerned that America’s current involvement in this country will drag on for years rather than months.  He describes the chaos of day-to-day life for the average Iraqi and asks in his letters what the Bush Administration could be thinking about in its plans to turn over control to an interim government.

For example, he describes the American trained and American armed police force as inept.  He questions both their commitment to the work, and their willingness to place themselves in harms way.  He recounted an incident in which there was a potential confrontation between American military forces and the local population.  The Iraqi police, who are supposed to be there to support the troops to the extent that they deal with civilians and civil unrest, were the first to leave.

Derek wrote that as the crowd continued to grow and the mood of the crowd became increasingly hostile that the Iraqi police never got out of their vehicles – and to the surprise and anger of his company commander as the situation continued to escalate the Iraqi police drove away at a high rate of speed.

Derek reported that this left his company in harms way, and since the Iraqis had driven off with their local interpreter in one of their vehicles, the Marines had no way of understanding what offense they had given or how they could extricate themselves from this debacle.

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