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Domestic violence is violence which is inflicted on a partner or a spouse in a relationship. Domestic violence is considered to be a type of abuse. It is generally women who are subjected to domestic violence however sometimes children also have to face it. When children have to suffer from this sort of violence, it is known as child abuse.

Domestic violence is a serious problem which has increased over many years. It is a way in which a person is injured and victims of domestic violence suffer not only from physical injuries, they tend to get inflicted with emotional and mental trauma as well. A victim might end up getting depressed, might shun themselves from society and become stressed and anxious at all times. Isolation too is something associated with domestic violence very much.

Domestic violence is usually carried out in the rural areas of a country where people are uneducated. The men feel it their right to hit and abuse their wives and children. Women who are unaware of their rights say nothing and bear everything with patience. Some women however do leave their husbands due to them being physically abusive however the number of women who walk out of their marriages is relatively small.

With the advancements in society, many women have learned their rights and the rights they have in their marriages. This particularly applies to women in middle to upper class families. These women no longer accept the violence their husband carries out toward them. Many women are strong and economically capable of leaving their husbands and doing well without them and many of them…

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