If you have been to high school or college you probably know what most of the students really hate doing. The best way to haunt or tease students in high school and college is to ask them to write essays and they will probably develop grudges against you. Essay writing is indeed very difficult especially in the initial phases as students are not really well aware of proper writing techniques, structure and writing on subjects and topics that they find interesting. It is also the part of academia and cannot be avoided either If one is to become successful.

There is a famous saying that everyone has heard of sometime in life that practice makes one perfect. This is very true as you may have noticed that anything or activity you do with passion and interest and practice most often you are likely to become highly successful in it. Writing essays too is not a rocket science that you feel you cannot really do. It is true that it is complicated but the best way indeed to overcome your very fears is to face them boldly. Initially you may feel uncomfortable being out of your comfort zones but the more exposure you get your fears will eventually subside and a time will come when you will look back and probably laugh at your follies.

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