Why do you guys hate something that you have to do for the rest of your academic career? Obviously it is writing essays and you are left with no other options than to write interesting and quality essays to make it to the higher academic level. Essay writing is easy as all it requires is constant practice and the ability to create arguments along with facts to prove or disprove your point. This article will help you identify some easy steps to write essays easily without being overwhelmed about the process of writing. Find out below using some easy tips.

Think of a Topic

With the advent of the internet selecting a topic is no more as difficult as it used to be. Just type your favorite activity or hobby in the search engine and search it. You will have numerous topics and ideas about what to write an essay on. You can read some excerpts from other writers to have an idea about selecting a topic. Make sure it is interesting for you and you already have some information about it.

Break it down

To solve a problem it has to be broken down into smaller achievable steps. The same goes for writing essays. Just break it down into three easy steps that are the introduction, an essay body and a conclusion. Devise a strategy what you are going to discuss in each of these three components of the essay. This way it will make it easier for you and you will not be overwhelmed. Think of one problem at a time.



Know the Purpose

Once you have the problem broken into achievable steps define the scope of the essay. Determine why and whom you are writing the essay for. What is your purpose of writing? Do you just want to inform the readers about something or you want to persuade them. Without a clearly defined purpose your essay will have no boundaries and sense.

Once you have accomplished these steps begin writing the essay according to your plan.

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