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Research and studies carried out on eating disorders found in eastern cultures is not found in large quantities. The studies which have been carried out are mostly focused on the disorder in western countries and cultures. The reason behind this could be because people are more concerned about their eating habits in western societies. It could also be due to the fact that people believe there is a lack of eating disorders in countries which are still developing.

Some studies however have been carried out on binge eating and diet amongst eastern citizens and women of different ethnicities in America. The problems and constraints which women belonging to Caucasian backgrounds face are very much different compared to the pressures faced by women who are from a non-Caucasian background. However most of these women all seem to have a negative image of them and do have some form of an eating disorder. Even these women probably have an eating disorder for the similar purposes due to which women from western cultures do. Some of these include being worried about the body image, weight, emotional problems and even being low in self esteem (Becker).

These women, due to having become exposed to western cultures and norms may have become such and developed these ideas which…

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