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Compared to the past, divorce is considered very much a norm in today’s society. Statistics show that among all marriages which occur, 40% of them end in divorce.

Divorce is seen to be the action taken in order to legally end a marriage (Webster). Divorce itself is a phenomenon which is considered to be a cause as well as an effect. There are many reasons due to which people may resort to divorce. Some of the causes include not having enough financial resources, not being pleased sexually and due to the ease with which divorce can be obtained. These are considered as some of the basic reasons due to which divorce occurs. The effects which divorce has on a couple are extremely great when comparing it to the grief which both of the parties face. This essay talks about the cause and effects which result due to divorce.

Many people believe money to be a cause for which divorce may occur. Statistics have shown that 50 percent of divorces which take place in America occur due to financial issues as being the reason for the dissolution of marriage (Citib-ank). Money is a factor which very much influences the lives of people and it plays a vital role in society. Due to its importance, a lack of it can also cause problems to occur between a husband and wife. This problem is described as financial incompatibility and it is based on the view that either of the couple in the marriage is…

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