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Advertising is unquestionably a way through which the mass general public is influenced. Advertising usually focuses on a certain market making that its target. The most common people who are targeted by advertisers are college going students.

College students spend billions of dollars each year on things which they perhaps do not need. These things are bought by them due to the hype created by advertising. Advertising generally creates a want in people to buy things they do not need; advertising is said to deceive people and many people generally fall prey to these deceiving advertisements.

It is no doubt that marketers spend a lot of money to advertise their goods and services. They need to have a large budget in which they can conduct their advertising campaigns and use the proper form of media. Only by using the proper form of media will the right consumers be reached and only then will advertising be successful. Businesses and the marketers whom they employ to carry out their advertising use skillful techniques and adverts are generally based around a fact which is…

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