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In “Epistle to Miss Blount,” Pope again describes a beautiful young girl who has been brought to town for the events of the high fashionable season.   The young lady is dragged from the town by her mother, “just when she learns to roll a melting eye (Pope, “Epistle to Miss Blount,” p. 1).

The young lady is required to return from the opera, park, assembly, and play to old-fashioned halls, dull aunts, morning walks, and prayers three hours a day.  She is isolated from the fashionable world and may perhaps be introduced to some country squire who “makes love with nods and knees beneath a table; Whose laughs are hearty, though is jests are coarse/And loves you best of all things – but his horse (Pope, “Epistle to Miss Blount,” p. 1).”

The young lady, thus returned to the country from the greater joys of the city, is denied participation in the more exciting and romantic world that she has left behind.  Her sense of being abandoned and treated poorly is represented by the following lines:  “You dream of triumphs in the rural shade; In pensive thought recall the fancied scene,/….  Then gives one flirt, and all the vision flies (Pope, “Epistle to Miss Blount, p. 1).”

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