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This term paper argues against the use of Ergogenic aids for exercise purposes. It discusses three substances and how using them can cause adverse reactions and calls for a ban of use outside of sports too.


  • Introduction
  • Creatine
  • Bicarbonates
  • Caffeine
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion


Those food supplements and components that have ability to improve the performance level of any exercise task have been described as ergogenic aids (Williams, 1983). There are a wide variety of ergogenic aids which range from normal foods to other things which are drugs; however, there are a few substances too which are not easy to classify. Several types of foods, including some are high in carbohydrate (Williams and Branch, 1998), and sports drinks, whose efficacy in enhancing exercise capacity cannot be doubted.

As a broad standard it is an acceptable fact that most of these ergogenic aids that are successful both for athletes and serious exercisers are banned from sports in addition a majority are harmful for health too. Most aids that are not prohibited are not very successful; this comprise a large number of vitamin and mineral products in addition to the natural and herbal supplements which are available in health-food shops.

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