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Advertising is what surrounds us in our daily lives and whether or not we want it impacts us and our choices all the way. Advertising is simply a method adopted by organizations and companies to attract more and more customers towards their products by using print and/or electronic media, billboards etc.

If asked whether advertising and spending all that money on advertising campaigns is really beneficial or not, my answer would be a yes. If not drastically, advertising to some extent does impact our choices and opinions on products. This becomes all the more effective when the advertisements are not typical and an element of intelligence and humor is added to them. Research reveals that intelligent and out of the box advertising (both in terms of the content as well as the method used to advertise) is likely to gather more consumers than the conventional everyday ads.

Advertising’s impact fullness is also affected by the various age groups. Children are most easily influenced by advertisements particularly the involvement of vibrant colors, cartoon characters and super heroes. Similarly, the best way to attract youth is to infuse popular singers, sports and movie celebrities as youth is the time when children are greatly impressed by all such celebrities and want to adopt everything they do.

Hence advertising can prove to be a great way to market one’s products and gather maximum clientele. The only thing to keep in consideration should be to keep in mind the targeted age group and advertisements should be made accordingly by incorporating all those elements that are of interest and compatible to their psyche.

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