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Sample Essay

The last decade has seen an enormous growth in the usage of mobile phones globally and the trend continues. Seeing this scenario, continued value addition is being done to the use of mobiles and they are now not just restricted to talking and smsing. Now that everyone carries a mobile, advertising through it has become a new and an extremely effective trend. It is cost effective as well as quick and reaches out to a huge population. Gone now is the hassle of getting flyers printed and distributed. All you need to do is to create your ad and forward it to as many people you want simply through SMS or MMS.

Mobile marketing received such a great response that new companies specially opened up to provide mobile marketing services and did great financially as well. They have a database comprising the customer details and with this database they are able to advertise new offers and float different news to their customers.

Mobile marketing was made possible only because of the advancement in technology and the consequent modern cell phones that became available.  This received a warm response because of its cost effectiveness and its ability to target a huge audience.

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