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Sample Essay

In the book, The African-American Odyssey, Hine, Hine and Harold present the history of Black Americans in the social, political and cultural context. The authors trace the history of Black men from Africa to the recent times. These Africans, who started their journey as slaves, brought their culture with them and the authors of The AfricanAmerican Odyssey analyze the features of African-American culture briefly as their main focus is on history.

As the authors write how in the ‘middle decades of the eighteenth century direct imports of African slaves into the North’ increased (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.54). By 1731 ‘black people’ had ‘outnumbered white people in the colony’ (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.66). Moreover the dilemma was that the ‘prosperity’ of the Whites ‘rested on denying freedom to black Americans’ (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.54).

They also describe the kinds of difficulties that the African-Americans have to face in the wake of their journey. The web of ‘slavery’ encircled the African-Americans as a ‘racially defined system of perpetual involuntary servitude that compelled almost all black people to work as agricultural laborers’ as defined by ‘slave codes enacted between 1660 and 1710’ (Hine, Hine, & Harold, 2005, p.54).

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