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A more than recent trend in medical research has been the use of animals for experimentation and testing purposes. If examined on a broader scale, this technique is beneficial to mankind as it helps determining the effects of the various experiments being performed without actually risking human life. However, if looked at it on a narrower spectrum and particularly with respect to animal welfare, the idea doesn’t seem a fascinating one as it doesn’t seem justifiable to cage animals and keep on performing experiments on them knowing that it may take their lives too in a worst case scenario.

Without animal research, medical science would come to a total standstill” (O’Neil 210). This holds very true because all the advancements done in medical science and cure of diseases that were considered fatal till a while back has been made possible. Heart transplants, kidney replacement and various other surgeries have all been made possible because of animal testing.  This is why most of the people support animal testing. They support it with the fact that a number of animals are killed as it due to traps, exterminators, run over or various other reasons and it would be far better if the cause of their death becomes something that is eventually helpful to the whole mankind and has long lasting results.

It must be understood here that scientists do not enjoy using animals for their experiments. It is just that they don’t have a choice as various phenomenon like blood pressure and heartbeat rate etc cannot be analyzed merely from machines.

Animal testing has been one of the biggest contributions to medical sciences and has served as the cause for the various advancements in this field. It does put animal’s life at stake but in return it saves lives of millions of humans too.

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