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Sample Essay

During the political campaigns, one cannot fail to ignore the fact that most of the political elites are at the forefront advocating for political equality for the general public. However, this noble idea is aborted as soon as they get into office. In efforts to lure the majority voters to elect them in office they promise major political reform which when implemented can result to political equality which is a just a dream far from being achieved.

There are many political reforms that are underway while some have already been implemented, there is little being done to guarantee the equality in the political participation. Despite the success of some reforms in the political system, such as the reforms on the financing of public campaigns, banning of soft money,   priceless television time among others, and the government through the Supreme Court has failed largely in one area; this is the issue of independent official campaigning. This is a loophole that needs to be closed through the federal Supreme Court since this give the opponents who have limited resources to be challenged unfairly. The wealthy opponents utilize their financial resources and seek better political footing by paying their political allies to campaign for them while the financially challenged opponent does the whole campaign by himself with a few clique of faithful allies.

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