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Look at a cell phone manufactured ten years back and then turn around and take a look at a recent one. The difference is immense and more than significant! Cell phones truly have come a long long way in terms of their fabrication and appearance and technology incorporated. From being large, heavy with black and white screen and loud ringtones, cell phones now are sleek, stylish, colored and with the best audio and video display available. The addition of cameras to cell phones has been a new innovation and one that has received a warm response. In this article we would discuss the pros and cons of this addition and determine if this actually is a good addition or not.

As it is always said that technology in itself is never bad- it is the way people use it that makes it beneficial or damaging. Cell phones with cameras have proved to be a great blessing for people fond of photography and covering events as they need not carry their digital cameras all the time any longer and can make use of their cell phones whenever and however many times needed. However, there stays a segment of the society who mostly misuses this medium by taking pictures of girls without them noticing it. These pictures can end up on the Internet in a number of indecent ways and there is no way to stop it. It is also a worry that cell phone cameras can create more damage if people start photographing your credit cards and pin numbers while you check out from stores after clearing the bills.

Technology will continue to progress and there may come more enhancements that may be found suitable by some and rejected by others. The best way to avoid cell phone camera misuse is for girls to stay aware of their surroundings and move out of sight if they see and cell phone or its camera pointed towards them.

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