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The internet and the information technology can also play a major role in forming the economic independence of the Canada. Businesses and corporations can increase their presence online and invest in operations on the internet to directly contact and communicate with their global customers. This can increase the market available to the businesses in Canada as well as make them less reliant on US based businesses and associates. “The continued growth and solvency of Canadian firms will depend on Canada’s ability to steer a course that reduces Canadian dependency on the US economy, takes a more aggressive approach to IT investment and Internet growth, and consolidates the reforms geared to lower the tax burden and reduce debt. Until then, credit managers should closely monitor the impact of the US slowdown on Canadian firms, with careful attention to the companies and sectors that are most dependent on US sales.” (Hansen, 2001)

There is growing anti-American sentiment amongst the Canadians who are trying to make Canada economically and politically independent form the United States. However it needs to be established that independence from the US cannot be achieved overnight. By investing in information technology, GSM and wireless satellite communication as well as international relations with European and Pacific Asian countries, Canada can strive to be independence form the United States of America.

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