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Sample Essay

Economic nationalism is one the rise in Canada due to agitation and frustration of Canadian businessmen over their US based associated and customers. They people in Canada are increasingly becoming not in the favour of strong bilateral relations of Canada with the United States. The anti-American sentiment in the country is growing influenced by the highlighted economic as well as the social and political factors. The political image of United States is not very strong in the world in the face of the recent wars waged by the nation in the name of the War on Terror. Canada being a peace loving and promoting nation that believes in soling issues through negotiations &through dialogue. The aggravated stance taken by the US on the matter however is not favoured by the Canadians.

The result of the increasing tension on the ground level between the two countries depicts that it is possible for a revolt on an economic, political and a social level to take place which would openly declare for independence from the United States in terms of the economy as well as law and regulation of the country.

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