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Sample Essay

Capital punishment for a juvenile, according to public opinion, is not a preventive method for others of the same age, it may not stop them committing the same crime, so there is no point in taking the juveniles life, the public is a responsible member of the society and its opinion does matter today, punishment is not a solution to the problems of the juveniles, some people are of the opinion that instead of punishment other methods should be adopted such as trying to help him to overcome depression, fear of punishment does not affect such people.

Public opinion varies with people in different areas and countries of the world, some people are ‘for’ the capital punishment and some are against it, the public who are in favor feel that it prevents others committing the same crime again, and feels that such a punishment is necessary for such crimes, Public who are against capital punishment feel that it does not prevent recurrence of crimes Are of the opinion that life imprisonment is; and according to them capital Punishment violates human rights, by putting a human being to death.

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