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Compulsive shopping disorder is a disorder in which people have an uncontrollable desire to shop. It gets difficult for them to stop themselves. In short, they have an obsession for shopping which is hard to control and harder to get rid of.

This addiction for shopping becomes quite a nightmare for their own selves as their credit cards end up being charged to the max because of their uncontrollable desire to shop and never stop. It is stated as a disorder because the psychological condition of such people is at such an imbalanced level that excessive shopping actually satisfies them. The world around them seems better to them the more they shop. Furthermore, in times of depression or loneliness shopping uplifts the mood of such people. It is an addiction just like alcohol, drugs or smoking is; you just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Women who are generally fonder of shopping tend to suffer from compulsive shopping disorder more than men. They would go with the intention of buying the necessary items and come back with lots of bags and certainly a lot more stuff than they actually need.

Compulsive shoppers are often ignorant or in denial of their problem but depression often hits them because of excessive expenditure and drowning finances.

The solution to get rid of this problem is to avoid window shopping as it enhances the urge to buy. If the issue gets too serious, compulsive shoppers should opt for counseling as well.

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