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Sample Essay

Costco Wholesale had 550 locations throughout the United States of America, United Kingdom, Mexico and other parts of the world in 2008 and the registered office of the company is situated at 999 Lake Drive Issaquah, Washington.  The shares of Costco Whole sale are listed on NASDAQ under the stock symbol COST. The company was founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Broman who are also on the board of directors of the company which includes a total of 14 directors. The members of the board of directors are listed below (Costco Wholesale).

Jeffrey H. Brotman                                      Chairman of the Board

James D. Sinegal                                          President and Chief Executive Officer

Richard A. Galanti                                       Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Richard D. DiCerchio                                  Senior Executive Vice President

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson                               Director

Susan L. Decker                                           Director

Daniel J. Evans                                             Director

William H. Gates                                          Director

Hamilton E. James                                       Director

Richard M. Libenson                                   Director

John W. Meisenbach                                    Director

Charles T. Munger                                        Director

Jeffrey S. Raikes                                          Director

Jill S. Ruckelshaus                                        Director

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