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Sample Essay – Creating a Business

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Abstract: This essay talks about creating a business. Despite being similar to a normal business, there are certain differentiating factors which sets an apparel business apart from a regular one.

Initiation of a business for clothes

One of the most popular and sought after business of today is the apparel manufacturing one. The following essay talks about how one can be started and what is required to keep it running.

The initial step

Even today, the manufacturing of apparel is very much in demand. The sales of apparel in 2000 were estimated to have been 315 million dollars which represented a growth of 90% from the 1990’s (American Apparel and Footwear Association, http://www.americanapparel.org).

Beginning an apparel business is quite similar to starting any other type of business; there are resources required in order to bring your vision and ideas into existence, managing techniques and styles need to be known and marketing must be good in order for the business to be promoted and do very well. It is always better to have a detailed business plan which can be a guide as to how the business should be run in the first few years after it has started. Having a detailed business plan will always be better and will help you as you would always know what step needs to be taken when.

There are however some factors and characteristics which must be met if a fashion/apparel manufacturing company is to be started. It is interesting to know that a small business is one which always faces an immense amount of competition and…

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