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This is seen vital in the creation of team work within the hotel. In order to have good working relations it is advised that they improve contact and interaction with employees and customers, a good relationship is vital in the motel business.

Since they need to build better and effective communication channels, while motivating the employees, they need to adopt a supportive model. In this model the leader supports the employees; in the process the employees are oriented towards participation. From this point they can develop good organizational culture as a team. They will have to revise their practices, ethics, language, principles, customs, and methods of solving problems and design of the work in the organization. These will be vital in attracting and maintaining employees and more so the maids who make up the largest part of the workforce. The culture determines the interaction between the peers, supervisors and senior co-workers. However, despite the freedom provided by democracy, the chain of command must be followed, when reporting, and solving problems. The role of the management is to put in place systems that ensure there is collective unity of the diverse aspects, perspectives, talents and abilities in order to attain the common good, goals, objectives and aims of the motel.

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