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Sample Essay

Baby fussing is associated with trauma and other forms of stress that a baby may be undergoing. Crying is known to release many of these stresses not only in babies but also in adults (Long, 2004, p. 92). This ensures that the baby cries off such feelings and falls into sleep.

This method has not given a good reception by mothers who tends to feel the guilt that they are the worst mothers when their babies are left to cry without being soothed. What these mothers fail to understand is that crying helps a baby fall into sleep easily and faster and probably wake up relieved and more relaxed.

Mothers are advised to used earplugs to help them fight off the guilt of letting their babies cry or just make heir ears busier by listening to music using gadgets such as the ear pods. Advocates of the ‘let em cry’ method including Dr. Farber argue that this method exposes the baby to the reality that it is not only until they cry to get attention. This habit in babies makes them cry whenever they feel that they want some attention (102). Letting them cry without attention teach babies a lesson that crying does not help it to get attention thus end up giving up hope and sleep after a long anger cry. This method is worthy to try since it works well.

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