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The high level of dependency of Canada on United States has sparked other internal issues amongst the population and the business community in Canada. The powerful position that the United States enjoys as the major customer of the exports by Canada allows US based businesses to take advantage of their Canadian business associates and suppliers.

This is evident by how they tend to influence the logistics of the trade to provide the goods and services in the United States instead of arranging for their own logistics and shipping operations (Bradley, 2003). Aside from this the business based in the United States also tend to employ monopolistic strategies when ordering high quality products and services from Canada at much cheaper rates and prices. The Canadian businesses are forced to comply due to the high percentage of their sales being ordered by businesses & customers in Canada. . As a result of the trade agreements between the two countries, US based businesses can have a stake in the Canadian businesses which has resulted in increased unpopularity of the US in Canadian citizens.

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