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Everyday a number of people die with some failed organ and waiting for some donor to donate one to them. A lot of blind people each day wait for someone to donate their eyes to them and make their lives complete.  Statistics say that 70 people receive organ transplants each day while 16 die waiting for an organ donation.

All over the world there are more people awaiting organ transplants than there are to donate them. The death of one person and his willingness to let his organs be donated can save the lives of a number of people by receiving his heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, eyes, pancreas, intestines etc.  Thus donating organs truly comes as a blessing for those who receive it and it brings them a second life. According to a statistic on organdonors.html, tens of thousands of people wait each year for transplants, and between 10-20% of them die for lack of suitable organs.

Death is inevitable. We all have to die one day but if our death can bring the gift of life to someone then there is nothing better than that. Many people are completely unaware with the concept of organ donation and hence do not think about it. Steps should be taken at all levels to create awareness programs that encourage people to opt for organ donation upon their death so that the misery of several others may be ended and life can start anew for them.

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