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Abstract: trade has developed between various countries which has further led to the costs associated with this form of trading, particularly environmental costs.

Trade exists between different countries and there are many benefits which can be achieved from this. Due to mobility, humans have been able to achieve the benefits which trade between different continents provides. There is however certain environmental costs associated with this form of trading; costs which are not apparent immediately. Trade has certainly caused natural resources to become depleted however the question remains as to whether or not trade policies further add to the problem of environmental deprivation or not. This is very much under debate these days. One side of the argument states that the laws and regulations enforced as far as the environment is concerned will cause the creation of a pollution refuge in those countries where laws and regulations may not be as strict. This will cause the damage to transfer to a country where the environment is already in bad shape. The view which opposes this one is known as the ‘Porter Hypothesis’. This suggests that severe and strict regulations will encourage the innovation of technology amongst those firms that cause a great amount of pollution and this will then reduce the rate at which our environment is getting damaged (Michael Porter). It is the…

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